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 VigourX Download Link

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PostSubject: VigourX Download Link   Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:59 am

Server is downloadable only at the moment. I am developing a webclient soon and it will be available to all players. WEBCLIENT IS AVAILABLE! Staff spots are open, but I will not accept any until I see your personality and skills. The server will not be strict, strict, but there will be no freebies when it comes to staff selections. I will only choose the best there is in the community. So, first show me that you can get players by advertising and helping the server gain reputation. This source is InsidiaX based and I give my respect to him for designing the base of the server. If he drops by, please tell him thank you for the base, well that's my job.

Server Webclient Link:

Server Download Link:

Server Vote Link:

Winrar Download Link:

Download Jre7 from:
Windows x64:
Windows x86:

*The download link is made to fit windows 7 jre7* If you have a different version, feel free to adjust it on manually, or look up tutorials(I don't see why), or just ask me when I'm online.

Please advertise for server, you will be rewarded.

Thank you for reading this post,

*Please do not complain about forums or background to client. They will be updated soon, trust me*

Again, I give credits to InsidiaX for creating the base of my server, credits to whom he made the base of his server, and so on. I am not going to rip them of the work they did.


Yes, I am buying a domain for server soon.
Server is on a vps at the moment. It's not the best but starting low then aiming high.


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VigourX Download Link
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