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 Price guide :D

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Price guide :D Empty
PostSubject: Price guide :D   Price guide :D I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 8:43 am

Dragon plateboby = 500m
Dragon platelegs = 30m
Dragon claws = 700m
Dragon chainboby = 20m
Dragon boots = 25m
Dragon plateshirk = 20m
Dragon med helm = 10m
Dragon full helm = 250m
Bandos tassets = 600m
Bandos chestplate = 550m
Bandos boots = 250m
Korasi = 800m
Armadyl godswords = 700m
Zamorak godswords = 400m
Bandos godswords = 300m
Saradomin godsword = 500m
Saradomin sword = 200m
Armadyl helm = 200m
Armadyl chestplate = 400m
Armadyl chainshirk = 350m
Ranger boots = 100m
Robin hood hat = 120m
Dragonfire shield = 300m
Vesta chainboby = 400m
Vesta platelegs = 350m
Statius plateboby = 300m
Statius platelegs = 300m
Statius helm = 200m
Vesta longsword = 350m
Statius warhammer = 300m
Zuriel hood = 200m
Zuriel robebottom = 250m
Zuriel robetop = 250m
Morrigan leatherboby = 200m
Morrigan coif = 150m
Dharok plateboby = 50m
Dharok platelegs = 45m
Dharok helm = 40m
Dharok greataxe = 50m
Verac brassard = 40m
Verac plateshirk = 40m
Verac helm = 35m
Verac flail = 30m
Ahrim hood = 40m
Ahrim staff 35m
Ahrim robetop = 45m
Ahrim robeshirk = 45m
Guthan helm = 30m
Guthan plateboby = 35m
Guthan chainshirk = 35m
Guthan warspear = 25m
Karil coif = 30m
Karil crossbow = 35m
Karil leathertop = 45m
Karil leathershirk = 50m
Torva plateboby 10b
Torva platelegs 10b
Torva helm 8b
Divine spirit shield = 3b
Elysian spirit shield = 2b500m
Arcane spirit shield = 2b
Spectral spirit shield = 1b500m
Amulet of fury = 35m
Berserker ring = 50m
Seer's ring = 45m
Archer ring = 40m
Abyssal whip = 9m - you buy at home Npc zeke!
Blessed spirit shield = 1b

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Price guide :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Price guide :D   Price guide :D I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 2:23 pm

Nice guide no real reason to hate but just but 2.5b or something,

Can you tell Josh I am trying to log in but I deleted Java <retard

Thanks (ThatDudeInHD-Admin)
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Price guide :D
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